The Finance department is responsible for the County’s formal and small purchasing process of goods and services. The department is governed by the Virginia Public Procurement Act (VPPA) and the County’s local ordinance.

Public purchasing provides necessary goods and services at the most competitive price. That is, to provide the citizens with the maximum value for the tax dollar. The department encourages all qualified vendors to participate in the procurement process. We support equal opportunity in purchasing practices and encourage the participation of businesses owned by minorities and women

King William County participates in the Commonwealth of Virginia’s purchasing program. To be added to the King William County bid list, please complete the bidder application. You will need to reference the vendor categories to show which goods/services you would like to provide. Completed application can be mailed or faxed to:

King William County Finance Department
180 Horse Landing Road, #4
King William, VA 23086

Fax: (804) 769-4964

Bidder Application
Vendor Categories

Download Adobe ReaderThe Bidder Application is available for viewing in PDF format. If needed, download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Please Note: You can type in the bidder application and print it but you will not be able to save the completed application with this version of Acrobat Reader. To save a completed application, you must obtain the full version of Adobe Acrobat.


                                   RFP & IFB    DEADLINE

RFP 2017-001 On Call Engineering Services
RFP 2017-001 – Addendum #1
Bid Sheet RFP 2017 – 001

IFB 2017-003 HVAC Replacement Admin Building Phase 2
IFB 2017-003 HVAC Replacement Admin Building Phase 2  – Addendum
Bid Sheet – IFB 2017-003

IFB 2017-004 Glass Replacement

RFP 2017-005 Marketing Campaign Fire & Rescue
RFP 2017-005 Addendum
Bid Sheet RFP 2017-005

IFB 2017 -007 Insurance Fire and Rescue

IFB 2017-010 Security Upgrade to Circuit Court
IFB 2017-010 Amendment with Pics
IFB 2017 -010 Notice of Award

IFB 2017-012 – Generator Docking Station
IFB 2017-012 Addendum #1
IFB 2017-012 Notice of Award

IFB 2017-013 Septic & Related Services
No Addendum will be posted for IFB 2017-013

 March 24, 2017
RFP 2017-014 – Benefits Consulting Service
RFP 2017-014 – Benefits Consulting Service – Addendum

IFB 2017-015 Regional Animal Shelter Cat Room
IFB 2017-015 Addendum #1
March 23, 2017

RFQ 2017-016 – Pressure Washing System


RFQ 2017-018 – King William Recreation Park drain work

  April 7, 2017

King William County uses eBay to auction off most surplus County vehicles, equipment and tools. To view what may be up for auction at any given time, follow this link. Surplus Property Disposal To be added to the bid list, please complete the bidder application.


Beth Dandridge, Financial Specialist

Mailing Address:
180 Horse Landing Road, #4
King William, VA 23086

Phone: (804) 769-4965
Fax: (804) 769-4964