County Administration handles all utility connection applications, payments and distributes meters.  All utility payments should be mailed to the address listed below.  If you have any questions about your invoice from HRUBS (Hampton Roads Utility Billing Service) please contact Sandra Conley at 804.769.4919.  If you received a shut off notice attached to your door you may bring in your payment during normal working hours to the Billing Department before date on tag to prevent disruption of service and/or re-connection fees. The Billing Department is located in the County Administration building, located at 180 Horse Landing Road, King William, VA  23086.  Any questions or inquiries on transfers, new service or disconnection of service, please direct them to Sandra Conley.

Payments by mail:

PO Box 71092
Charlotte, North Carolina 28272-1092

Electronic payments – 1.866.533.1567

Online payments – Click Here (

Contact Person:

Sandra Conley, Billing Coordinator