About the Electoral Board

The Electoral Board is composed of three members appointed by the county Circuit Court judges 24.2-106). Each member serves a staggered three year term. The Electoral Board:

  • Appoints the General Registrar to a four year term
  • Appoints Officers of Election
  • Oversees elections and reports results to the State Board of Elections

The Electoral Board does not have by-laws, but is subject to the provisions of the Code of Virginia as outlined in §24.2.

Current Electoral Board Members

Drucilla B. Tate – Chair
Term expires: February 29, 2020

Eugene J. Rivara – Vice Chair
Term expires: February 28, 2021

Eugene L. Campbell, Jr. – Secretary
Term expires: February 28, 2019


Electoral Board Meetings

The Electoral Board does not have an established regular meeting schedule, and meets on an as-needed basis in the Office of the General Registrar located at 180 Horse Landing Road King William VA

NOTICE – the Electoral Board is scheduled to meet on the following dates in the Office of the General Registrar:


Electoral Board Minutes


February 23, 2017
April 5, 2017
June 14, 2017
September 14, 2017


Contact information for Electoral Board:
Office: (804) 769-4952
Fax: (804) 769-4920