The Board of Supervisors of King William County, Virginia, will hold Public Hearings on Monday, July 23, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Meeting Room of the County Administration Building, 180 Horse Landing Road, King William, Virginia, to receive public comment and to consider the following:

  1. Public Hearing – Ordinance 02-18

An ordinance to amend the King William County Code Chapter 86. Zoning, to add Light Manufacturing as a permitted use in the B-2 Zoning District. The ordinance will amend Section 86-5 “Definitions” to include a definition of “Light Manufacturing”,  and amend Section 86-171 “Permitted use table established” to provide for Light Manufacturing by-right in the B-2 General Business Zoning District subject to the  requirements of a new Section 86-211 entitled “Development Standards for Light Manufacturing Uses in the B-2 Zoning District”.

  1. Public Hearing – Ordinance 03-18

An ordinance to amend the King William County Code, Chapter 86. Zoning, Article IX. Overlay Zoning Districts, Division 2. HP Historic Preservation District, Section 86-344, Application and Procedures for Certificate of Approval. The amendment will remove the requirement for a public hearing before the historic preservation and architectural review board prior to the consideration of an application from a property owner for a certificate of approval to engage in regulated activities with a historic preservation district.

  1. Public Hearing – Ordinance 04-18 

An ordinance to amend the Fee Schedule established by Ordinance 15-11R to remove the application fee for Historic Preservation Certificates of Approval.. The current fee is $1,000.

      4. Public Hearing – Ordinance 05-18

An ordinance to change the sole polling place for the West Point Precinct from the present location at the West Point Armory, 110 Thompson Avenue, West Point, VA 23181 to the W. T. Robinson/Sture Olsson Civic Auditorium and Fine Arts Center, 1040 Thompson Avenue, West Point, VA 23181. This change is being made at the request of the King William County Electoral Board after notification that the Armory will no longer be made available for such use. The change in location will not change any representation at the local, state or Federal level.

A copy of a map depicting the present polling place location and the proposed location, as well as the Ordinance which will enact this change are available for review in the Office of the County Administrator, King William County Administration Building, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

All interested persons may appear and present their views at the above time and place.  If a member of the public cannot attend, comments may be submitted by mail to 180 Horse Landing Road, Suite 4, King William, VA 23086; by fax to (804) 769-4964, or by email to  Comments received by 12:00 noon on the day of the hearing will be distributed to Board members and made a part of the public record.  A complete copy of the proposed ordinances may be viewed in the Office of the County Administrator at 180 Horse Landing Road, King William, VA, during regular business hours or at  Anyone needing assistance or accommodation under the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act should contact the County Administrator’s Office at (804) 769-4927 or

By the authority of
Bobbie H. Tassinari
County Administrator
Clerk to the Board