2022 Real Estate Tax Due Dates
1st Half Due - June 27, 2022
2nd Half Due - December 5, 2022

We understand there is an error in the way the due dates appear in Edmunds when you view or pay your bill online. Please note the above dates are the correct due dates.

2022 Personal Property Tax Due Date
January 17, 2023

Annual County Audit Status

The Annual King William County audit is currently pending due to a delay in the reconcilement of bank records caused by challenges arising from the deployment of a new software system. The reconciliation process is ongoing and the audit is estimated to be completed by February 28, 2022.

This notice is provided in accordance with the Code of Virginia §15.2-2511.

Since 1870, the Virginia Constitution has required that the post of Treasurer be an elected office, making the local Treasurer accountable directly to the citizens. The Treasurer serves as the chief financial officer of the County, and is elected to a four year term. The Treasurer’s Office is responsible for collecting revenues in the form of taxes and fees. These revenues include:

  • Court, sheriff and clerk fees
  • License taxes
  • Permit fees
  • Personal property taxes
  • Real estate taxes
  • State income taxes

The Treasurer also manages the investment of local funds and maintains the county’s financial records.