Social Services Board


  • 6 pm
  • Meets 3rd Monday of even-numbered months
  • 172 Courthouse Lane
    Board Room
    King William, VA 23086

All requests to place a matter on a regular meeting agenda should be submitted in writing and received by the Director of Social Services at least 10 calendar days prior to the said regular meeting.

If it becomes necessary to cancel a meeting, the King William Board of Social Services will meet on the following Thursday at 6 pm in the King William County Social Services Board Room located in the L.T. McAllister Human Services Building.


  • Britney Ball
    Term expires: June 2023
    640 Cressfield Drive
    West Point, VA 23181
    Phone: 804-366-6938
  • Board of Supervisors
    C. Stewart Garber Jr.
    1757 Enfield Road
    Aylett, VA 23009
    Phone: 804-512-7401
  • Melissa D. Kenney
    Term expires: June 30, 2020
    1133 Venter Road
    Aylett, VA 23009
    Phone: 804-869-9571
  • Susan G. Russell
    Term expires: June 2020
    519 Richmond-Tappahannock Highway
    Manquin, VA 23106
    Phone: 804-690-4012
  • Mrs. Mary P. Washington
    Term expires: June 2022
    1601 West Rose Garden Road
    West Point, VA 23181
    Phone: 804-769-3607