July 29, 2020

Notice to Parents: 

The King William County Parks and Recreation Department will no longer provide the “After School” program with the start of the 2020-2021 school year.  We have had many successful years partnering with the King William County Public Schools to provide parents an alternative for “after school care” for their children.  With the impact of COVID-19 and the requirement for social distancing, stringent cleaning standards, and the requirement for staff and children to safely protect themselves by wearing personal protective gear the decision has been made to redirect the Parks and Recreation Department in other areas that will benefit the community.  As you are aware, COVID-19 was already impacting planning for the Parks and Recreation Department 2020-2021 school year program. To successfully implement the program and comply with the CDC guidelines we were moving from the elementary school to the 360 Complex in Aylett and reducing the number of slots available within the program.  These challenges as well as knowing there are local businesses that can provide this type of support resulted in the final decision to no longer provide an after-school program.   

Listed for you are the child development centers within and in close proximity to the County. The County and Parks and Recreation Department are providing the names of these Centers as a courtesy resource for the parents. There may be additional child care centers available.  No endorsements are implied or should be construed by providing this list.

The local child development centers available to you as parents include but are not limited to: