Farmers Market & Family Fun Nights



The King William County Economic Development Authority (EDA) thanks everyone who participated and visited the two Farmers Market & Family Fun Night events held in July and August.


No further events are planned at this time.

If you attended, please use the Community Feedback form below 
to let us know what you thought of the events.

If you were a vendor at either event. please 
click here and complete the vendor survey to share your feedback.

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Future of the King William Farmers Market

After two successful pilot events this summer, the King William Economic Development Authority (EDA) is looking for a citizens’ board to organize and operate the Farmers Market for the future. EDA members voted unanimously to turn the operation over to interested citizens and provide advice and guidance as necessary.

The citizens’ board would be responsible for deciding where and when the markets will be held; recruiting and securing vendors; publicizing the events; deciding on how to financially support the market; and the coordination setup, trash pickup, etc.

If you are interested in helping to keep the Farmers Market active in the central region of the County, send us an email

We invite those who visited the pilot events or participated as a vendor to give us feedback, which we’ll share with the citizens’ board to help them along. 

Farmers Market & Family Fun Night Community Feedback

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