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Feb 07

VPPSA Makes it Easy for Trash Disposal to be Taken for Granted

Posted on February 7, 2022 at 6:12 PM by Percy Ashcraft

There are numerous professional services we take for granted. Sometimes, we hardly give them a thought until something about them fails to operate successfully. The disposal of trash is among them.

King William County is very fortunate to have a tremendous partner for trash disposal in the Virginia Peninsulas Public Service Authority (VPPSA).

VPPSA Executive Director, David Magnant, recently discussed current operations with County Staff.

VPPSA is a regional governmental organization created in 1989 by the General Assembly. It provides solid waste management services 10 cities and counties, including King William County.

King William participates in the Middle Peninsula Solid Waste Management system with Essex, King and Queen, Mathews, and Middlesex counties. These services include the operation of the four solid waste centers in King William:

  • Transfer Station – 57 Recycle Road.
  • Epworth Convenience Center – 984 Epworth Road
  • Land Convenience Center – 24562 King William Highway
  • VFW Convenience Center – 1091 VFW Road, West Point

Services include the day-to-day operation of those sites. According to Magnant, this totals 9,880 hours per year. VPPSA has a fleet of trucks and drivers as well as maintenance capabilities to service and maintain the facilities. This includes proper handling and preparing for transport to appropriate facilities of solid waste, recycling (mixed paper, cardboard, comix materials), tires, batteries, oil & antifreeze, and white goods.

Care and maintenance of the facilities include repair and replacement of equipment, cleaning, snow removal, lawn care, signage, and interacting with and assisting residents. Record keeping, training, and compliance with federal, state and local ordinances are also key components of the operation.

VPPSA provides the following additional services:

  • Household chemical collection services (proper disposal of old paints, fertilizers, some automotive products, gasoline, etc.) through periodic collection events.
  • Computer recycling through periodic collection events.
  • Landfill monitoring services through an agreement with LaBella Associates.
  • DEQ reporting for the region for solid waste and recycling.
  • Debris management through pre-positioned contracts that provide debris removal, reduction, disposal services, and monitoring services.
  • Emergency debris management when an event or catastrophe is small enough to be handled in-house.
  • Landfill disposal agreements.
  • Recycling processing through agreements – both long term and monthly requests.
  • Hauling, disposal, and container services as needed.
  • Mulch delivery from the VPPSA Compost Facility.
  • Special event containers and special event boxes for charity events.

VPPSA has been providing services to the residents of King William through the regional program since October, 1993.

The King William Board of Supervisors has asked Staff to explore property options on where to locate another convenience site to handle the ever-increasing volume in the Central Garage area. Magnant will be key in offering knowledge and experience in this area.

The FY22 contribution from King William to VPPSA is $956,258.

Many thanks to the VPPSA employees who work tirelessly to assist County residents in a crucial aspect of our day-to-day life.

More information can be found at

VEDP - A Solid Partner for Economic Development and Expansion in King William County

With Governor Glenn Younkin settling in to promote his agenda for the next four years, a valuable economic development arm is gearing up to help communities as well.

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) was established in 1995 as the state’s economic development authority for the Commonwealth. According to its website, VEDP works to accomplish collaboration with local, regional, and state partners to encourage the expansion and diversification of Virginia’s economy.

King William County is retooling its economic development effort through the combined leadership of the Board of Supervisors and the Economic Development Authority. BOS Chairman Ed Moren, EDA Chairman Meade Rhoades, and County Staff recently met with VDEP personnel to discuss the processes and dynamics of economic development possibilities for the County.

Lead generation is an important way VEDP can assist King William County. The County is busy refining its list of marketable properties and is hopeful to court investors looking to expand industrial and retail opportunities in growth areas.

It’s Still Winter, but Ice Cream is Good Anytime

The Groundhog has promised six more weeks of winter, but there are still signs of spring among us. Tommy’s Produce along Route 360 serves ice cream all the time and that is a treat to those who like it in any weather.

Tommy’s also has a full selection of meats and produce in stock. If you haven’t visited the store lately, make it a destination next time you run low. Our small businesses will always be the backbone of the County.