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Feb 14

King William, West Point Rivalry Spirited Even at the P&R Level

Posted on February 14, 2022 at 5:10 PM by Percy Ashcraft

It wasn’t Duke vs. North Carolina, or even Virginia vs. Virginia Tech, but the spirited rivalry between King William & West Point seems to show up at every level of competition.

My wife Cindy and I were able to take in a Parks & Recreation girls basketball game on February 12.  The age group was 12-15 year-olds between King William and West Point at West Point High School.

My congratulations to both teams because it was a very exciting game from beginning to end, which took one overtime segment to determine the winner.   A three-point shot by King William at the buzzer at regulation put the game into overtime, and that momentum carried over into the extra segment with King William emerging victorious.

I am sure these young ladies play hard all the time, but you could sense there was a little extra spirit in the  matchup between the two areas of the County.  The referees did a great job in keeping the game under control and both teams substituted regularly to give all kids a chance for plenty of playing time.

Off the court, you could see the high level of interest from fans from both teams.   It had the intensity of a high school game as both fan bases cheered with excitement at the successes of their teams and challenged the refs when a call went the other way.

It was a terrific setting that saw girls basketball players representing their respective areas trying to bring pride and recognition.  I couldn’t help but hope this same spirit will elevate later when these same young people will hopefully settle down as adults in either West Point, or in one of the other four districts of King William County.   Either way, they will be charged with making King William County as a whole a better place to live.

These kids will be asked to become future members of the Board of Supervisors and Town Council; participate in citizen Boards and Commissions; be active in advocating for high education quality; balancing rural character with urbanized areas where development is encouraged; advocating for businesses like West Rock and Nestle’s so jobs will be abundant; and overall sustain leadership for King William in the Middle Peninsula Region.

Rivalries on the basketball court hopefully will lead to partnerships among kids, parents, and the overall population in the years to come.  The Town of West Point and the remaining four districts of King William County will only be stronger and everyone will win … and it won’t take overtime to determine the victor.


King William Legislators Seeking Additional Funding to Enhance Services

This year’s General Assembly is starting to get very active as lawmakers start reacting to budget proposals submitted by former Governor Northam and sitting Chief Executive, Glenn Youngkin.

Legislators representing King William County, as always, try to bring more state funds into our region for various purposes.  Senator Tommy Norment and Delegates Scott Wyatt and Keith Hodges have submitted budget requests that will be very beneficial to King William and the other areas the trio represents.

Some of the requests that have been researched by the good folks at include:

  • Increased Sheriff’s salaries and additional personnel.
  • Cannabis consumer protection and enforcement.
  • Rural Tourism Network.
  • Nursing scholarships.
  • Task force on Primary Care.
  • Law enforcement training.
  • Increased funding for Criminal Justice academies.
  • Increased funding for dredging projects.
  • Civil Immunity for health care providers during disasters.
  • Consumer Data Protection Act.
  • State Aid to local Commissioners of the Revenue.
  • Increased State aid to local public libraries.


‘Life is Messy’ A Good Read for Everyone

Pauline Miller, an employee in the King William County Finance Department, gave me a good read last week that can be helpful to everyone who gets a copy.

It is a 152-page paperback book written by Matthew Kelly entitled, “Life is Messy.”

The book is very easy to read and brings to life the circumstances that face everyone during the course of their lives and how various approaches help to turn negatives into positives.

Here is an excerpt from the first chapter:

“The mess of life is both inevitable and unexpected. It is filled with delightful mysteries and frustrating predicaments, indescribable joy and heart-wrenching suffering.

“There is no plan you can devise that will solve the mess. There is nothing you can buy, learn or accomplish that will eliminate the mess. There is nothing you can start doing or stop doing that will eradicate the mess.

“The mess is here to stay. It’s unavoidable. It’s just life.”

Thanks to Pauline for letting me know about it. I would encourage you to make it part of your book collection, too.