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May 16

CornerStone Community Development Center Answers the Call for People in Great Need

Posted on May 16, 2022 at 3:49 PM by Percy Ashcraft

As all families deal with the rising costs of gasoline, fuel, and other important necessities, it is good to know there is an organization that stands ready to assist.

The CornerStone Community Development Center, located at 8270 Richmond Tappahannock Highway in Aylett, has been a rock of support for many years. It assists the community with a Food Program, Free Health Clinic, and Clothing Shed.

According to their Facebook page, the Food Program provides supplemental food to families each month. Families receive a bag with bread, produce, and meat every week. Children who qualify receive a backpack with breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the weekend that is distributed through the public school system.

CornerStone also reports their Free Health Clinic is a medical home to those who are uninsured. Care is extended to patients providing them with professional care, specialty care, free medications, prescription glasses, and dentures.

The Clothing Shed, also known as The Lily Field, is a place for donated and household items to be made available for anyone in need.

Donations are always being accepted and a fundraising meal is offered on the second Thursday of every month which benefits the food and health clinic programs for residents in King William, as well as Hanover, King & Queen, Essex, Richmond County, and more.

Kudos to the folks who make this a labor of love to serve the community. Visit their Facebook page for further information and current events.

King William Ruritan Club Reports Another Successful Fish Fry

The King William County Ruritan Club held its monthly meeting on May 11 and reported on another successful Fish Fry which was held on April 16.

The long-time non-profit organization continues to reach out and assist the community in numerous ways. They also recently picked up litter along Route 30 and will issue scholarships to high school students in the very near future.

Local groups are always looking for new members. You won’t find a better one than the Ruritan Club.

VDOT Paving Projects Will Replace Rumble Strips After Completion

VDOT and its contractors have done a good job in repaving parts of Route 30. Delays in traffic flow were kept to a minimum by completing most of the work during evening hours.

Lane striping is still necessary to complete the job. Also to return are those loud rumble strips, which are installed as safety measures to alert drivers when they get too close to the middle or the shoulder of the road. They can be annoying for people who live close to highways because the noise seems to carry a long way, however, whether we like them or not, they are proven to reduce accidents according to the latest VDOT statistics.

These rumble strips are installed on major roads and byways as part of a state-wide safety initiative and are a loud reminder that we need to “drive the straight and narrow,” or suffer a noisy consequence.

Upgraded Public Safety Radio System Set for Foliage Test

An upgraded public safety radio system is one big “test” away from moving forward to implementation later this summer for King William County.

A “foliage test” is scheduled for May 23 for the new Motorola system, which King William County shares with Hanover County. The foliage test will measure communication in all points of the County. A successful test will allow the project to be completed in July.

All public safety personnel, both career and volunteer, will have upgraded service.

King William County Searching for Director of Social Services

King William County Government is looking to fill the vital position of Director of Social Services to serve community families.

Advertising for the position began last week. Anyone with experience in this area is urged to apply by the June 15 deadline.

Contact King William County Human Resources for further information at

New Dollar General Store Ready for Construction Along Route 30

Many motorists driving along Route 30 have probably wondered what the orange fencing near East Spring Forest Road is outlining. It is the new Dollar General Store.

Construction should begin very soon on the new store which has received all permits and permissions. It will be a welcome addition for travelers who have limited choices along Route 30 between King William High School and the West Point Town limits.

Visit the Dollar General website for a sampling of their retail offerings and to check out their job openings. Store officials expect to have the new location open in just a few months.