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Jun 27

KW School Division Sees Leap in SOL Test Scores

Posted on June 27, 2022 at 12:27 PM by Percy Ashcraft

KW School Division Sees Leap in SOL Test Scores

The King William School Board received some very good news at its meeting on June 21 when SOL Pass Rates for 2022 were unveiled by School Division Staff.

The results came from SOL testing last spring in elementary, middle, and high school grades. 

Out of 25 subject areas tested, King William students improved in 17 categories from the last SOL testing period. Seven subjects were slightly down, and one stayed the same.

There were areas of significant progress in most subject areas including the challenging subjects of math and science and parts of reading.

Areas to keep an eye on in future testing is middle school reading, which was slightly lower than the 2020-21 COVID school year.

Congratulations to the students and all school instructional personnel for hard work in testing preparation. This is another positive piece of news for a school division that continues to blossom under the leadership of an active School Board and Superintendent David White.


Don’t Forget the Students in All Extracurricular Activities

Sometimes the most visible component of school extracurricular activities is sports. This certainly generates the most attention and excitement when success is reached, i.e. a state championship in football.

Often forgotten are other extracurricular activities such as band, drama, debate and speech teams, etc. It is important we don’t forget the time and effort it takes for these students to compete at a high level.

That is why it felt so good at the King William School Board meeting on June 21 when it was announced the Band Boosters handed a donation to the band program in the amount of $8,319.59. This was collected from hard work by volunteers who see the value in investing in students who choose this venue to display their talents.

When donations are sought, let’s not forget that all extracurricular activities are important and help to shape and mold the young person putting in the time.


King William Little League Showcases Organization & Facilities with District Softball Tournament

It was really exciting to witness the showcase of King William Little League (KWLL) hosting the District 15 Little League Tournament for Minor Softball (ages 8-10).

The tournament concluded on June 23 with KWLL defeating Westmoreland and earning a bid in the state tournament in July to be played in Coburn.

The on-the-field success was made possible because of the off-the-field success from volunteers who started early this year to upgrade the fields, lighting, dugouts, and other parts of the infrastructure. It took numerous hours to plan for what turned out to be a very successful tournament.

Kudos to all KWLL personnel and players, coaches, volunteers, sponsors, and parents. League President, Mike Maiorana, is scheduled to give an update to the Board of Supervisors on the success of the tournament and the season as a whole at the July 11 Work Session.

Planning is already underway with County Staff to see what other upgrades and improvements might be needed at Rec Park. Parking remains a concern at the facility and many people are putting their heads together to see how that aspect can be expanded.

What a tremendous value to our quality of life to see such a tremendous bond between Little League baseball and the community!


Building Inspections Piling Up at Rapid Rate

The number of building inspections through the King William County’s Building Official’s Department is piling up at a rapid rate according to statistics through May 31.

Since January 1 of this year, 1,714 inspections have been completed. The highest month was April with 483 inspections. January was the lowest with 287.

King William County currently has two employees covering the bulk of the inspections, with other departments helping out when needed. The volume is a sign of active construction in the County and an indication the economy is stronger than national trends.


Next Class of Fire & EMS Recruits Graduate July 1

The next class of recruits will be installed into the rank of King William Fire & EMS during a special ceremony on Friday, July 1, at 6 p.m. at Hamilton-Holmes Middle School.

Friends and family will be present to help honor the recruits, who have gone through rigorous training to prepare for full-time employment. That training included Firefighter 1, Awareness/Operations, May Day, Firefighter Down, and EMT B.

Congratulations on a great job of hiring and training led by Chief Stacy Reaves and his staff. The additional employees will continue to shore up the ranks and improve response times in the County.