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Jul 05

Six-Month Work Plan Launched by KW County Staff

Posted on July 5, 2022 at 3:03 PM by Percy Ashcraft

Six-Month Work Plan Launched by KW County Staff

On behalf of King William County Administration, I presented the Six-Month Work Plan to the Board of Supervisors at its meeting on June 27.

The work plan is broken down by departments for the period of July 1 – December 31, 2022. It is a reaction to policy decisions made by the Board of Supervisors and various planning documents that are in place such as the Annual Budget and Comprehensive Plan.

The plan is not to be confused with day-to-day tasks that are assigned to each department. These are more broad goals and objectives that can positively affect the operations of government and the delivery of services to the public.

The plan presented to the Board of Supervisors has 187 goals. Each department is held accountable for its progress and the effectiveness of performance will be tracked through a rating system.

Here is a summary of some of the major goals contained in each department’s work plan:

Animal Services – Conduct a strategic plan for operations of the Regional Shelter; and continue to spay/neuter, vaccinate, and microchip 100 cats.

Building Department – Launch software to assist customers with scheduling inspections and project status and assist contractors with digital process of providing plans and information.

Community Connection – Implement the FY ’24 Virginia Juvenile Community Crime Control Act Combined Plan and implement new ‘Anger Control Education’ Program.

Economic Development – Implement Phase II of RKG Study, pursue partnership with redevelopment of Commerce Park, and implement the vision of the Economic Development Authority and its Ag-Education agenda.

Facilities & Maintenance – Improvements to the Recreation Park, installation of County Welcome Signs, and assistance for Raiders Youth Football Program.

Finance – Completion of FY ’21 and ’22 audits and implement new process for bank reconciliations.

Fire & EMS – Update Emergency Operations Plan, promote greater use of Code Red, establish process to obtain Medicare Ground Ambulance Data Collection, implement Water Rescue Program, and conduct insurance analysis (ISO).

Human Resources – Monitor new training program for all employees, evaluate employee job descriptions and individualize performance evaluations, revise outdated personnel policies, and establish Employee Wellness Program.

Information Technology – Develop replacement schedule for computer hardware, assist with implementation of new public safety radio system, upgrade employee software programs, and develop strategy for cybersecurity.

Parks & Recreation – Implement fall activities, expand regional partnerships with surrounding localities, host Kite Festival, and host winter recreation event.

Planning & Zoning – Implement strategies in the Comprehensive Plan, expedite permitting process, recommend changes to the Property Maintenance ordinance, and monitor progress of submitted Smart Scale projects.

Social Services – Establish better communication with Community Partners, increase emphasis on job assistance for clients, and complete Standard Operating Procedures.

Special Projects – Implement broadband project, complete reassessment of real property, and design and bid new transfer system near King William High School.

Utilities – Complete construction plans and issue bids for new water tower and complete Utility Specification Book.

Each employee will be required to begin six hours of professional training for the fiscal year beginning July 1. In addition, each department will collaborate with a neighboring locality to review best practices.

The entire Six-Month Work Plan is available for download from the County Administrator’s page on the County website.


Labor Shortage Could Affect Snow Removal This Winter

With temperatures hovering around 90 degrees most of these summer days, there is a bit of crisis brewing when the snow flies this winter.

According to an article penned June 28 by longtime Richmond Times reporter Michael Martz, a report released by the Office of Inspector General found that many contractors are unwilling to work for the department because of requirements that they carry worker's compensation insurance for their employees and equip snow-removal trucks with "automatic vehicle locator" technology so the public and supervisors can track them.

According to Martz, "A sufficient number of contractors is not available to complete snow plans," the inspector general said, noting shortages to respond to Level 4 and Level 5 emergencies at five of the six VDOT area headquarters reviewed in the audit.

The affected headquarters included one near Fredericksburg at the center of a snowstorm in early January that crippled traffic on more than 50 miles of Interstate 95 from Doswell in Hanover County to Dumfries in Prince William County for more than two days.

VDOT spokesperson Marshall Herman said the department held a statewide preparedness workshop recently during which central office and district leaders discussed "placing an additional focus on securing adequate resources for the snow season."

"Signing up contractors for winter weather is a continuing process," Herman said. "As with every snow season, VDOT signs up contractors from June to November. VDOT is currently going through the process of soliciting and hiring contractors for the 2022/2023 winter season."

Enjoy your summer! We could be spending some snowy winter days off the roads if the labor shortage is not addressed.


Rappahannock Electric Raises Rates Effective July 1

According to a notification by Rappahannock Electric Cooperative spokesperson Lindsey Watson, beginning July, 1, 2022, typical residential members will see an estimated three percent increase in their monthly electric bill. 

The notice also said this change will be reflected in the Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) line item on the bill, and is directly related to the increase in electricity supply costs. Following this increase, effective August 1, 2022, REC’s typical residential members will see an additional approximately 10 percent increase. Concurrently, businesses and commercial members who are subject to the PCA will see an estimated increase of 13 to 16 percent.

The notification also stated that REC passes through electricity supply costs to its members on a dollar-for-dollar basis and does not earn a profit margin on those costs. More details are available on the County website.


DMV Connect Mobile Unit Having Success at Parks & Recreation Location

Kudos to Commissioner of the Revenue Karena Funkhouser for coordinating another successful visit by the DMV Connect Mobile Unit on June 30.

According to statistics released after the event held at the Parks & Recreation Center off Route 360, 72 total transactions were completed. This overwhelmingly surpassed the number of transactions completed at their first appearance in April.

The COR is hoping the mobile unit can return at least once a quarter in the months to come. DMV does not charge for the mobile unit to set up operations.


Chick-fil-A Tops 2022 Survey Among Restaurants for 8th Straight Year

This probably won’t come as surprise to most people, but for the 8th year in a row Chick-fil-A holds the top spot for service to its customers.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index recently released its 2022 report and gave Chick-fil-A the top marks again.

Jimmy John’s was runner-up for fast food chains, with Domino’s and KFC tied for third.

Who was last? The golden arches of McDonald’s.