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Aug 09

Jackson, Copeland Tabbed By Governor Youngkin

Posted on August 9, 2022 at 4:15 PM by Percy Ashcraft

Jackson, Copeland Tabbed By Governor Youngkin

On August 1, Governor Youngkin announced appointments to various boards and commissions throughout the Commonwealth.  

Two King William residents were among the numerous names announced by the Governor’s Office.

Donna Jackson of Aylett was named to the Art & Architectural Review Board.

Elizabeth Copeland was named to the Board of Conservation and Recreation.

Kudos to these ladies for receiving these important appointments and thanks for their commitment to public service.


Thrive Virginia Lifting People Out of Dark Places

Thrive Virginia continues to have a major presence in King William County and the region as a whole.

Thrive, formerly the Quin Rivers Agency, is a non-profit agency dedicated to advancing the well-being of individuals and families living in the central Virginia region.

Thrive offers many programs throughout the localities they serve. In King William County, services offered include Domestic and Sexual Violence Intervention; Project Discovery for high school graduation and college preparation; financial counseling; Homelessness Prevention; and the Feeding Program.

Thrive helps break down the taboos and stigmas related to troubled areas of people’s lives. Their professional counselors and volunteers work tirelessly to lift people out of a dark place. 

Call (804) 966-8720 if you or someone close to you is in need of any of their services.


4-H Camp Underway for King William Students

One of a child’s greatest experiences can be a week at 4-H Camp. The week of August 8-12 will be the opportunity for King William & King & Queen students to attend 4-H Camp at the James City County facility.

According to Extension Director Christina Ruszczyk-Murray, approximately 26 kids will be attending the 4-H Camp, with 14 of those residing in King William. They will be treated to a week of fun, games and projects, and life lessons and memories.

4-H has been bringing this memory for decades. One of the few things that have not changed in the lives of our young people. For more information, visit the King William & King & Queen 4H website for more information.


One-Time State Payments Should Arrive to State Residents by October 31

The news service “Newsbreak” is reporting residents in Virginia who submitted income tax returns by July 1 will be receiving a one-time payment by October 31.

In June, the Virginia General Assembly approved a one-time tax rebate. According to Newsbreak, state officials have said not every taxpayer is eligible. Residents having a tax liability last year will get up to $250 for individuals and $500 for joint filers. Here is what the state said about tax liability:

“Tax liability is the amount of tax you owe throughout the year minus any credits like taxes paid to another state or the credit for low-income individuals.”

With the checks scheduled to be released in the fall, it will allow the state to give money to November 1 filers as well. Some taxpayers will receive direct deposits and others will get a paper check. Residents can change their mailing details by August 15.

With the struggles facing households because of the cost of food and gasoline, the payments will be a welcome addition to household income.


Walmart to Cut 200 Jobs in Corporate Restructuring

The Wall Street Journal reported on August 3 that Walmart is cutting hundreds of corporate roles in a restructuring effort. This came in the wake of the retail giant announcing profits were falling because of a struggling economy.

According to reporter Sarah Nassauer, around 200 jobs in total are being cut. The restructuring will affect various departments including merchandising, global technology, and real-estate teams, which is responsible for scoping new sites for stores.

Let’s hope Walmart can reorganize quickly. It has long been a desire by King William residents for Walmart to locate in the Central Garage area and bring a drive-in pharmacy with it. Walmart has stores north and south of Central Garage in Mechanicsville and Tappahannock.


Agreement with Commonwealth Moves Broadband Closer for King William Residents

The excitement of providing ubiquitous broadband to King William County took another step on August 5 when a grant contract was signed between King William and the State of Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD).

King William officials were notified of the grant award last December and pre-contract work has been underway by the County ISP partner - All Points Broadband, DHCD, Dominion Energy, and Rappahannock Electric.

The performance period of the grant runs through August, 2023. The grant provides $5.4 million out of a total project cost of $17.7 million.

Outstanding work by BOS Chairman Ed Moren and Deputy County Administrator Steve Hudgins for seeking the funding included in the agreement.