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Oct 25

Public Reacts Favorably to Opening of Route 30 Dollar General Store

Posted on October 25, 2022 at 12:09 PM by Christine Branch

Public Reacts Favorably to Opening of Route 30 Dollar General Store

The new Dollar General store on Route 30 opened the weekend of October 14 and seems to be getting a good reception by those who have stopped by.

The store is the second one in King William County, with the other being along Route 360 in Central Garage.

The opening of a new retail store is always a win for our community. In the case of the new Dollar General, it is located in an area that will more easily serve residents who live and travel further up Route 30 on the road to West Point.

The store has plenty of parking and has easy access onto Route 30 in both directions. It also holds great economic value to the community.

For instance, the store will add business property to the real estate tax rolls, as well as personal property. It also collects state sales taxes that are returned in part to King William to assist with public education.

Another important component is the creation of jobs. Recent reports show that up to 85 percent of King William workers leave the county every day for their employment. Folks drawing a paycheck from Dollar General won’t have to do that, and it helps keep the unemployment rate at a modest level. Dollar General is currently hiring sales associates and managers at both County locations. You can learn more on their website.

So don’t be misled by the critics who say we don’t need another Dollar General because we already have one. The truth behind basic economics is any investment that provides more goods and services to our community and creates jobs is good each and every time.


Public Health Emergency Still in Effect for State Social Services Agencies

The State Department of Social Services has kept its Public Health Emergency (PHE) in effect to assist residents who need valuable services.

King William Social Services Director Amanda Tevis explained the PHE does not allow clients receiving Medicaid to be cut off from receiving benefits. A reduction in coverage cannot occur either, according to Tevis, no matter if the income levels increase for any client.

Tevis says she and other directors from the around the state are waiting on more permanent direction regarding client renewals. For now, King William recipients can rely on the benefits they were eligible for from earlier this year.


Kings Dominion Moving Toward Year-Round Opening

For those who enjoy the sights and sounds at Kings Dominion, get ready to have 12 months of opportunity.

Colleen Curran of the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported on October 18 the mega theme park will operate year-round.

Weekend openings are planned in January, February, and early March, with regular hours throughout the rest of the year. According to Curran, KD will add 18 additional days, or nine weekends, to its schedule which includes special events like Winter Fest and Halloween Haunt.

Spokesman Mark Riddell of KD is quoted by Curran as saying: “This will increase value for our season pass holders and offer additional days for people to enjoy the park.”

Kings Dominion is a popular destination for King William residents, and it will put more pressure on Busch Gardens and the Meadow Event Park to offer more events in their normally off seasons.


La Nina Weather Pattern Predicts Warmer-Than-Average Winter

Everyone has their own weather source when it comes to speculating on how hard the upcoming winter might be.

USA Today likes to use La Nina as one of the main drivers of weather in the US and around the world.

La Nina is the climate pattern that shows a natural cycle marked by cooler-than-average ocean water in the central Pacific Ocean. It’s the opposite to the more well-known El Nino, which occurs when water in the Pacific Ocean is warmer than average.

La Nina is expected to persist through the winter. That means generally warmer-than-average temperatures are expected for much of the southern United States, as well as the Eastern Seaboard. Drought-like conditions are also expected in many parts of the south.

That doesn’t mean King William students won’t have a snow day or two. It just means riding their bicycles will be more regular than pulling their sleds.