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Dec 27

[ARCHIVED] Think Community First When Considering New Year's Resolutions

The original item was published from December 27, 2021 3:20 PM to December 27, 2021 3:24 PM

New Year’s resolutions are usually on the minds of most people as the last week of 2021 turns its pages.

Even if you don’t call them resolutions, most people do think about something different they might apply in the new year that affects their lives in a positive way.  We all know the favorite ones – losing weight, saving more money, more quality time with family.

Whatever the choice might be, it is usually individual-based and not community-based.  Looking out for number one is always the first priority, but if everyone took on one resolution that made a difference in the community, just think how the quality of life would increase for all.

There are many ways people can give back in the form of service.  It usually only requires time and little to no money.  But the efforts pay huge dividends when the investment is made.

Let’s consider a few right here that can make a difference in King William County, which will celebrate its 320th birthday in 2022:

1. Mentor a child that is not your own.  Reach out and be a role model to a youngster in the form of a tutor or coach.  Taking a child fishing that never had that experience is an instant memory maker.


2. lGet a few friends together and adopt a highway.   This program is coordinated through VDOT and the litter picked up will preserve the beauty of our landscape.


3. Join a civic group like the Ruritans, or the American Legion if you are a veteran.  Many organizations do great things within the community.


4. Seek out someone who does not have transportation to vital service places like medical offices or grocery stores. The Social Services Department can help identify individuals who might need this assistance.


5. A kin to #4, seek out someone who lives alone and give them a phone call or visit every so often.  You would be surprised what a difference that makes in their lives.


6. Participate in a Neighborhood Watch or National Night Out program to promote public safety and good relations with your neighbors.


7. Join a volunteer Fire/EMS organization.  Also, County Government will be promoting soon the establishment of a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC).


8. Submit an application to join a County Government citizen board or commission.  Your area of expertise could be invaluable for future planning and recommendations that are made to the Board of Supervisors.


There are numerous other opportunities available.  I want to thank those people who already do many of those things.  Each opportunity is a chance to be significant in the lives of others.  Then you know you have made a difference.


Report a Pothole Before Car Repairs are Necessary

The mix of cold and warm temperatures can cause a pothole problem on all road surfaces.  A reminder if you experience a pothole, please contact VDOT at 1-800-FOR-ROAD (1-800-367-7623) to report any road maintenance issues.


Three Rivers Health District Sends Out COVID-19 Reminder

Pets are a huge responsibility, but they can fill a void in your home like nothing else.  If you are looking to give your heart to a dog or cat, please don’t forget the Regional Animal Shelter for King William & King and Queen counties. 

Adopting an older animal who found their way into the shelter is particularly gratifying.  You can’t replace their earlier years, but you can give them something special for the rest of their lives.


Happy New Year!