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Jan 24

[ARCHIVED] Hard to Imagine Jeff Walton Not Being Sheriff

The original item was published from January 24, 2023 5:14 PM to January 24, 2023 5:16 PM

Hard to Imagine Jeff Walton Not Being Sheriff

There are just some things in King William County that you figure will somehow escape the test of time.  Hard to imagine the Historic Courthouse will not continue to have trials in it; Gene Campbell will always be taking photos and writing articles; the King William High School football team will always make the playoffs; and……………Jeff Walton will always be sheriff.

Well, Jeff upset the chemistry for things that seemed irreplaceable when he spoke at the Board of Supervisors meeting on January 23 and announced he would not be running for re-election this fall.

Jeff had told his employees and others a few days earlier he was going to step away from the profession that he loves, and it loves him right back.  The good news he will continue to serve until his final day of office on December 31 of this year.

Jeff has worked his way into the top 10 of sheriffs throughout the Commonwealth in years of service.  He is a stable leader in a climate of instability in law enforcement that stems from active attacks to stealing catalytic converters. Jeff has seen steady growth call for a need for additional personnel and has partnered with state police and local officials in West Point to build confidence in public safety throughout the entire County.

Jeff is and has been a perfect fit for this County.  He appreciates its rural character, but he has transitioned knowing that in order to survive you have to keep up with the times.  He has built a department of men and women that are as sincere to the profession as he is.  He has steadily convinced Boards of Supervisors both past and present the need for   modern equipment, reliable vehicles and technology.  He has done that with always one eye on managing the department budget.

Jeff is a bit of a throwback to the past in a way that can only make us want to rewind the clock.  It has been comforting to have the sheriff know most people by their first name.  To have the sheriff be part of the local civic club and be part of fundraising and cleanup events like other members are.   And when disputes break out between neighbors, it is nice to sit both parties down and see how they can work the matter out without violence or pending grudges.  Jeff did all that, and is still doing it today.  He is an excellent mentor for any young officer wanting to learn the right way to be a peace officer.

It is too early to miss Jeff because he is still here.  But in the days, weeks and months until he takes that badge off for the final time, let’s pause to appreciate just how fortunate this great County has been to have a great public servant help guide our quality of life for almost three decades.



PUD Approval Brings High Expectations for Housing, Services

The Board of Supervisors followed the Planning Commission’s recommendation and approved King William County’s first Planned Unit Development (PUD) on January 23.  It will carry the name the Orchards at Central Garage.

The rezoning is on property known as the Simons tract and is located at the intersection of 360/30. 

Primary uses for the property will be 219 Single Family Dwellings; 201 Town Homes; 200 Apartments; and almost 45 Commercial Parcels.  

The developer is MHF Properties, LLC, with principal parties John and Jay Narparlo heading up the commercial side and developer Don Balzer leading the residential end.  The Narparlo family is very familiar with the King William County, having owned and operated the Burger King at Central Garage for many years.

The developers have proffered $1 million to assist with improvements at the King William Recreation Park, which would include new access points in and out of the park, as well as extending water lines to assist with concessions, restrooms and irrigation of the fields.

In concert with the project will be the construction of a WaWa’s Convenience Store at the corner of 360/30.  The site was originally intended for the Burger King to move over there, but that did not work out years ago.

There is much expectation surrounding this project.  It has the potential to bring needed services to the community and provide even more housing opportunities.  Developers want to begin as soon as  possible once the site plan is approved by all who are involved.


Rappahannock Community College to Offer Patient Care Technician Certification

Rappahannock Community College (RCC) and Germanna Community College (GCC) are working together to create a refined program combining the Nurse Aide and Medical Assisting curriculum into one Patient Care Technician (PCT) program. The 10-week course includes online lectures and in-person labs and clinicals through RCC and GCC to train providers in an advanced level of patient care. 


The program will prepare students to perform tasks such as foley catheter insertion and care, phlebotomy, EKGs, vital signs, nutritional mechanical feeding, history taking, assist patients with activities of daily living, and more. The PCT program will lead to two certifications, the Certified Nurse Aide license and Certified Medical Assistant. These credentials meet the hiring requirements of the region’s hospitals and allow the PCT to work in a wide variety of clinical and healthcare settings.


Tuition and fees, books, scrubs, supplies, background check, credentials and testing fees are all covered by a grant from GO Virginia and matching funds from RCC and GCC. Sessions begin in February, April, and September. 


“Our region, like others around the country, is experiencing a shortage of nurses. This program will produce about 120 PCTs this year and will help fill vacancies at area hospitals,” said Ellen Koehler, Interim Dean of Health Sciences at RCC.


For more information on this program, contact RCC at (804)333-6730 or email


Otto Williams Re-Appointed to Regional Planning Commission

Longtime community advocate Otto Williams continues to expand his legacy by being re-appointed by the Board of Supervisors to the Middle Peninsula District Planning Commission.

The appointment came on January 23 and will be for one year.

Williams has vast history of public service.  He is a former member of the Board of Supervisors and is also currently a Citizens Member on the CPMT for Social Services issues.  He has also been active in the Mangohick Volunteer Fire Department.