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Posted on: January 6, 2021

Comprehensive Plan Update Overview

King William Plan Timeline


Teams Responsible













Project Orientation & General Discussion

    Kick-Off Advisory Group Meeting (Staff/Stakeholders)














    Community Tour & Background Data Gathering














  Research & Documentation

    Focus Group Meetings

    (Government Officials & Key Community Leaders)














       Advisory Group Meeting














       Website & Facebook Page Launch














       Survey Development/Launch














       Community Kick-Off Meeting (Website & Facebook)














  Assessment & Project Branding

       Advisory Group Meeting














       Project Logo & Community Brand














       Demographic & Market Data Assessment & Analysis*














  Planning/Development Workshop

       Advisory Group Meeting














       Community Workshop (In-Person & Online Hybrid)














  Comprehensive Plan (Draft & Final)

       Advisory Group Meeting














       Coordinate Draft with Planning Commission














       Draft Plan Development














       Develop Comprehensive Plan Maps & GIS














       Advisory Group Meeting














       Prepare Comprehensive Plan Document with Maps














       Advisory Group Meeting/Planning Commission Coordination














       Community Meeting Draft Plan














       Public Hearing(s) for Plan Adoption














Task 1: Initial Project Orientation and General Discussion (1 Day)

  • Consultant will meet with County Staff and other designated project stakeholders (i.e. Planning Commission, Board of Supervisors) to understand desired project goals, planning/development issues, and general direction or insight.
  • Consultant will participate in a “guided community tour” of the County and important areas of interest. 
  • This meeting will include a discussion of schedule, work tasks, existing reports, and potential stakeholders. 
  • County staff will provide Consultant with digital copies of relevant planning documents and GIS access/files for mapping purposes.


Task 2: Conditions Research & Documentation I – County Focus Group Meetings 

  • Consultant will host a series of online Focus Group Discussions with County Staff, key community leaders. and governmental officials to help identify community goals, issues, and future opportunities as they relate to the Comprehensive Plan. (For budgeting purposes up to ten, one-hour meetings are planned over a three-day period.)
  • Consultant will work with County Staff to ensure appropriate public departments and civic organizations are engaged.


Task 3: Conditions Research & Documentation II - Community Outreach and Survey 

  • Consultant will collaborate with County Staff to discuss desired public outreach efforts and the extent of public participation and engagement. 
  • Consultant will undertake community outreach using the County webpage, a Project Facebook Page, and an online community survey (i.e. Survey Monkey) to solicit input on County conditions, challenges, and desired vision/direction for the future. The Consultant will develop desired survey information for social media and include on the Project Facebook Page. The County will be responsible for posting a link on the County webpage and for entering data from any paper surveys collected.
  • Four online public planning sessions are planned for this project.  One general information session will be held at the beginning of the planning process; two community sessions will be offered during the planning process; and one final “recommendations” session will be held near the end when draft recommendations have been developed. 
  • The Consultant will be responsible for facilitating the input sessions, preparing the necessary materials, and documenting public comments. The County will be responsible for publicizing the input sessions and for any physical meeting logistics. 


Task 4: Demographic and Market Assessment + Project & Community Branding (Arnett Muldrow)

  • Consultant will work with Arnett Muldrow to update important Comprehensive Plan demographics (including 2020 Census information, if available) and undertake a Demographic and Market Assessment to identify potential economic and development opportunities for King William County.
  • In addition, Arnett Muldrow will work with the Consultant and the County to develop a Comprehensive Plan Project Logo and a Community Brand for the County that can be used for community outreach, tourism, and future marketing purposes.


Task 5: Planning/Development Workshop for Priority Plan Areas/Topics

  • Consultant will host an intensive two-day workshop of collaborating project team members (anticipated to include economist, transportation planner, land use planner, community designers, environmental planner, architect, etc.) to address 2-3 challenging topics needing special guidance for the future. These topics could include, for example, an area park plan, economic development site planning, infill development, housing project, or development guidelines for a corridor or historic area, etc. 
  • Consultant and County will identify possible workshop topics following staff/community outreach. 
  • Special planning for priority areas/topics is extremely valuable in developing a long-term Comprehensive Plan that is engaging and productive for community growth. 
  • Work products typically include visual graphics, illustrations, and accompanying text explanation that are integrated into the Comprehensive Plan and implementation strategies.


Task 6: Work Sessions/Project Collaboration with County Staff and Planning Commission 

  • Consultant will work closely with County Staff and the Planning Commission throughout the duration of the project. 
  • Consultant will meet with County Staff and the Planning Commission up to 6 times during the project. These work sessions may be virtual or in-person meetings that are coordinated with other work tasks/sessions to maximize efficiency of the visit.
  • Consultant will make one presentation of the final draft plan at a public hearing before the Planning Commission and one presentation before the County Board of Supervisors. 


Task 7: Comprehensive Plan - Elements and Deliverables

  • Consultant will prepare and assemble all written Comprehensive Plan elements required by law, including land use, economic development, transportation, environment, community facilities/services, historic resources, housing, and regional influences. Accomplished through review of existing plan and state planning requirements, development of future challenges and direction, updating of maps, and inclusion of new maps and graphics. 
  • Elements will reflect staff and community input received from outreach efforts in Tasks 2, 3, and 4, as well as professional insight and workshop efforts completed in Task 5.
  • County will assist Consultant with development of a Future Land Use Map based on Project vision/direction and existing GIS land use information. It is expected that the existing land use is documented by GIS information and that an in-depth field survey is not required by the Consultant.
  • The Plan will include future vision statement(s), goals, and an implementation section that will be strategic with identified key action projects and recommended partners and timeframes.
  • The Comprehensive Plan will be user-friendly, illustrated, and developed in Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word to enable future use/editing by the County. Mapping will be developed in ESRI ArcGIS. Digital files of the products and graphics will be provided to the County. All draft documents for review will be provided in digital PDF format for distribution, posting to the webpage, etc.
  • Consultant will provide the final Comprehensive Plan document as a digital, Press Quality PDF. In addition, the Consultant will provide one printed copy of the final plan. If the County desires to have the Consultant print additional copies the final Comprehensive Plan, the fee for printing will be determined and negotiated as an additional service. (We have found that local printing options are the best and most cost-effective means for communities to reproduce printed documents.)

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