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Farmers Market & Family Fun Night Vendor Registration

  1. Which dates are you registering for?*
  2. Upload a jpg, png, or pdf of your logo or other advertising artwork to be included in promotional materials and on the County website.

  3. Please be specific - handmade, homemade, certified organic, locally-grown, etc. This information will be used to advertise your presence at the event so include as many details as possible.


    Anyone who comes to participate in the market, whether vendor, customer, or otherwise, comes at his or her own risk. King William County, King William Public Schools, King William High School, and Virginia Cooperative Extension will incur no liability for accidents or damages to any persons or any property belonging to participating vendors or buyers and are not liable for injuries suffered by any party attending a Farmers Market & Family Fun Night. Download the full Operational Rules.

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    Checking this box serves as my signature and certifies that I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the Operational Rules of the King William County EDA Farmers Market & Family Fun Night.

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