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PUBLIC HEARING MATTERS - Planning Commission

  1. Registration is required by noon on the day of the meeting for those wishing to speak from an online platform (Zoom). 
    If you do not register with the name and email address under which you will appear online, you will not be allowed to unmute and offer comment. 

    This process was instituted at the Board of Supervisors November 8, 2021 Work Session in response to repeated offensive and disruptive behavior by some online participants.

  2. Please enter your true first & last name as you will appear on Zoom.

  3. Please enter the same email address you use for your free Zoom account. REQUIRED IF REGISTERING TO SPEAK VIA ZOOM.

  4. The District in Which You Reside*
  5. April 4, 2023 Planning Commission - CUP-01-23

    Owner/Applicant: Cohoke Club, Inc. / Bill Allen

    Tax Map Parcel 60-2, Zoned A-C

    Request to construct a private 23’ x 24’ covered boathouse to be located at 10548 Mt. Olive Cohoke Road. The boat house will be located on Cohoke Mill Road which is a private non-tidal pond.

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    Please choose how you plan to attend the meeting. You may also submit a written comment only which will be provided to the Planning Commission.

    • Only comment on matters specifically pertaining to the Public Hearing topic(s) you have chosen above. Clearly state your position, give the facts to substantiate your position, and state the concerns you wish the Planning Commission to consider. 
    • If you have chosen to speak on more than one topic, please note the topic title before each set of comments.
    • Profanity and abusive or offensive language are not permitted and will not be tolerated. Comments containing such language will be deleted in full.
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