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Regional Animal Shelter Community Survey for "Working Whiskers" Cat Adoption Program

  1. Your feedback is appreciated and will be helpful in determining how well this type of program would be received in our communities.
    The Regional Animal Shelter is considering a new proactive cat management program known as “Working Whiskers” cat adoption program. This program would help less-social and feral cats that are not suitable for household pets find a home, and eliminate the need for euthanasia of these otherwise healthy cats. These cats can live comfortably in barns, stables, agricultural property, wineries, breweries, warehouses, workshops, nurseries or greenhouses, while providing companionship to other animals and expert rodent control. Cats in this program would be fully vetted prior to adoption - spay or neuter; rabies vaccination; distemper vaccination; ear mite treatment; flea & tick treatment; microchip; and ear tip.
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